You Can Stop Dieting And Live At Your Ideal Weight

Stop dieting

You Can Stop Dieting And Live At Your Ideal Weight

Do you have a healthy relationship with food?

Are you able to eat intuitively, enjoying all kinds of food without guilt or shame? Or do you feel trapped by certain sets of dieting rules that tell you what, when or how to eat?

Would you love to stop dieting but are anxious about gaining weight if you do?

In today’s video I’m sharing the simple mindset shifts that allowed me to finally stop dieting, and changed my life physically, mentally and emotionally.

And it started with the realization that finding our ideal weight doesn’t start with the food on our plates, it starts with trusting in our bodies and experiencing our lives. 

If we spent more time focusing on how we want to feel, we could (quite easily) look how we want to look. Tweet This.

If you’re regularly eliminating foods that you enjoy, just because someone whom you have never met — and knows nothing about your lifestyle or body type — has written a book suggesting that you should, then today’s video is for you.

I hope that, by pressing play on today’s video, you will feel empowered to release the diet mindset and discover how to live at your happy weight, in a happy way, once and for all.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you. Answer one or both of the questions below.

  1. Does the idea of ditching the diets feel liberating or anxiety-inducing to you?
  2. Have you experienced an “aha” moment about eating for your lifestyle and body type?

Join in the discussion by leaving a comment below.

Remember that this video is part of my series: 7 Ways To Love Your Body & Life This Week. Catch up on all the videos here.

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7 Ways To Love Your Body (Cheat Sheet)

Just to recap, here’s your task for today:

  • Write down all the dieting rules that you’re trying to follow. Keep what serves you and ditch the rest.
  • Stop classifying foods and “good” or “bad”, and give yourself permission to eat all food.
  • Pay attention to the foods that make you feel great, and the one’s that don’t.
  • Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re comfortably full.
  • Enjoy a treat every day!

Then, dive into the next video, where we’re chatting about making exercise fun!

Thank you so much for joining me here on Jennifer Dene Wellness. I know that together we will create a bright, healthy and purpose-filled future for ourselves, and the women that come after us.


With love,

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