You Are Worthy. Truly.

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You Are Worthy. Truly.

For many years I tied my self worth to things that do not make a person worthy.

I thought that if I wasn’t the “right” weight or have the “perfect” shape then I was not good enough.

Or I believed that in order to be loved I needed to be more helpful, more intelligent, and more successful.

And I would always have to be better if I wanted to ever consider myself as simply being ok.

And if something wasn’t quite right, if I gained a bit too much weight or if I didn’t reach a goal I had set for myself, I felt like an absolute failure.

Unsurprisingly, not wanting to fail didn’t lead me to success, it led me to self-sabotage.

I would hurt my body with food (too little or too much), exercise (too little or too much), and negative self-talk. I would use these tools to disguise my emotions, numb my pain, and block out any thoughts or feelings that might signal to me that something was not ok.

Yet by not accepting myself for who I was, I was holding myself back from becoming the person that I wanted to be.

Because if we are afraid to fail, we are also afraid to live.

It wasn’t until I started to practice self-compassion that things began to change. By accepting, respecting and appreciating myself wholly I have been able to find a level of health, happiness, and peace that I didn’t know existed.

I want that for you too.

Your personal journey on this planet will be so much more profound if you are able to accept yourself just the way you are, on this very day, with no exceptions.

While we all have our own things that we’re dealing with, the truth is that you are already complete. You are worthy. Because you exist.

So your challenge, as you move throughout this week, is to remember that to become the woman you want to be, you must first love and admire the woman that you already are.

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With love,

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