Productinating: The Art Of Productive Procrastination


Productinating: The Art Of Productive Procrastination

Getting back to writing for the blog these past two weeks has filled me with energy.

Putting pen to paper first thing in the morning fuels my creativity and motivates me for the entire day, which is why I now wake up at 5am to do it.

So this morning, as I sat down to write you, I thought about why it took me so long to get back to the keyboard.

Sure, this mothering thing takes up 95% of my time, but I knew that wasn’t it…

Instead, my Productinating habit had been getting in my way.

Productinating is the art of productively procrastinating. It’s when you waste time on non-essential tasks that make you feel productive, like washing the dishes when you know you should be doing a workout.

I do it all the time. I always have.

Instead of strategically spending time on an activity that will benefit my health and happiness, I choose to fiddle and dabble and twiddle my thumbs.

In the last week alone I have:

  • Dusted pot plant leaves
  • Rearranged furniture (and re-rearranged it)
  • Made a pot of soup even though I knew there was some in the freezer
  • Cleaned the downloads folder on my computer
  • Spent an unnecessary amount of time reading Amazon reviews for natural diapers

I even rewrote my to-do lists in a nice new pen that I was given.

In the past, I’ve had time to Productinate and do the meaningful stuff, so this habit hasn’t been an issue. But now, with the baby on board, I have to be a lot more mindful about how I spend my time if I want to feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled at the end of every week.

Which is why, for the last two weeks I’ve prioritized the activities that make me feel good, the ones that make me feel like Jenn!

And now I want you to do the same.

This weekend, start to pay attention to how you Productinate and what meaningful activity you’re avoiding by taking on that task.

And then make the choice to prioritize what’s going to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

As always, let me know how you go!

With love,

Jennifer Dene

P.S. Remember, the chore is always going to be there, but opportunities for health and happiness are fleeting. Don’t ignore them!

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