How To Overcome Negative Self Talk

Overcome Negative Self Talk | Jennifer Dene Wellness

How To Overcome Negative Self Talk

Think about your average day. How often do you find yourself, consciously or unconsciously, being critical of your actions, feelings or appearance? This is negative self talk, and it’s something that you need to release.

We tend to be our own worst critics; we hold ourselves to standards that we would never put on other people, and when we don’t meet those expectations we verbally berate ourselves. But did you know that the words you use when talking TO or ABOUT yourself can change the quality of your life? They can lift you up or pull you down, and make-or-break your ability to live a life you love.

As you start to overcome negative self talk, remember that self-compassion is not the same thing as vanity or arrogance. There is so much power in loving ourselves for our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

In today’s video, I’m sharing an easy, three-part strategy that will help you break up with your critical inner dialogue, and feel more confident, inspired and proud of being the woman that you are today.


Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear what you think:

  • Do you often catch yourself in negative self talk?
  • How does this habit hold you back from reaching your life goals?

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Here’s your video recap:

  • Notice when you catch yourself judging or criticizing your appearance, or something you are doing, thinking or feeling, as you move throughout the day. 
  • When this happens, stop for a moment, and be conscious, and reflective, about what you’re thinking or saying.
  • Then simply say (aloud or in your mind): “I choose to let it go. I love who I am”.


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