Welcome Back.

new mum

Welcome Back.

Well, hey there,

It’s been a while.

On June 02, 2018, at 2:01pm, Nate and I welcomed our beautiful son, Max, into the world. He was two weeks late, 8.7 pounds and 22 inches, with the longest little feet you’ve ever seen.

Since that moment, I‘ve immersed myself in family life. For seven months, I’ve nurtured my big-hearted son, renegotiated my relationship in a postpartum haze, marveled at the memory loss, bone-deep-exhaustion and never-ending piles of laundry, and tried my best to reconnect with who I am, as mother, wife, and self.

It’s been simultaneously the most rewarding, challenging, exhausting, energizing, frustrating, and incredible experience I’ve ever had.

Max’s birth swung open the floodgates of love and loyalty in such a raw and irrepressible way that I sometimes find it hard to breathe.

It brought with it a new sense of purpose and drive, but also uncertainty and fear:

On any given day, I find myself careening between parental enlightenment and tremendous self-doubt. I’m filled with pride but I still worry that I’m not being a good enough mum, wife, friend, daughter, or global citizen. I feel stronger, yet more vulnerable.  And like any good parent, my delirious happiness is tempered by a weekly bout of tears and anxiety.

Motherhood has given me the time and space for deep self-reflection, which has been more than a little confronting.

Some days, my ego feels bruised when I think about how productive, fit, and “successful” I used to be…and how, right now, I’m not really any of those things. Some days, negative self-talk tries to creep into my mind like a cold winter draught working its way through a crack in the window pane.

But I haven’t let it take over.

Instead, I’ve held onto self-love with superhuman strength, practiced gratitude on a daily basis, and committed to as much self-care as time and energy will allow.

I’ve been given the best gift, not only to be Max’s mum, but to have had the opportunity to show up completely for myself and my family over these past seven months.

And while that will still be my primary focus as we head into 2019, I’m excited to step back into the world of wellness and help other women live with health, happiness, and self love.

Most importantly, I’m excited to reconnect with you!

I’ve been itching to share my latest thoughts and lessons on living a self-love lifestyle with you (being a new mum has given me a LOT of insights)!

And, in the coming weeks, I’ll be relaunching both my free, five-day course (The Soulful Self Love Challenge) and my signature program, Slim Down With Self Love Bootcamp.

I’m here to show you how to make 2019 your most body-positive, uplifting, inspiring, and energizing year yet.

But for now, I would LOVE to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and let me know:

    1. What is your intention for 2019 — what word/s describe the feeling you would like to create for yourself and your life in the year ahead?
    1. Your area of interest – what topic or category would you most like to read about on the blog?

I hope that you’ve been treating yourself with love and kindness since we last spoke. It’s wonderful to be chatting with you again.

With love,

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