How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

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How To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

By George is it easy to overcomplicate life.

Whether you’re trying to get too fancy in the kitchen or overthinking your fitness routine, many of us have a tendency to take the simple, add a dash of drama, and end up with a procrastinated mess.

Let’s take your health as an example. In the past week have you:

  • Felt an underlying bubble of stress or fatigue?
  • Picked up your phone, and then promptly forgotten why you did so in the first place?
  • Committed yourself to new obligations that serve other people, without thinking about your own needs first?
  • Had low energy, headaches or bloating?
  • Noticed a couple of extra pounds hanging about (that you know simply do not belong to you)?
  • Felt frustrated with your day-to-day life?

If you answered yes to any of these experiences, what did you do about it?

In my experience there are two general reactions:

  1. We ignore the physical, emotional or mental warning signs and keep on keeping on. You’re a busy woman, a mother, a business owner, a community-giver… of course you’re tired all the time.
  2. We go into action overdrive and attempt to solve each problem as quickly and aggressively as possible. Ginger shots for breakfast have never sounded so good. (I’m just kidding. Ginger shots are awful.)

The problem with both of these solutions is that they’re not realistic, they’re not sustainable, and chances are that they’re not actually suitable for YOUR lifestyle.

So what do you do then?

I’ve got a crazy suggestion, but I want you to bear with me. WHAT IF YOU KEPT IT SIMPLE? What if you just made one small change every single day, to get yourself back up to your healthy living base-camp?

Moderation may not seem sexy, but dang if I don’t get a little hot under the collar when I think about consistently living in a healthy body and life that I love.

Apparently, so does this woman…

Last week I had a call with one of our lovely JDW community members who told me that, since starting my online program, Slim Down With Self Love Bootcamp, she has lost 15 pounds and was 100% inspired to maintain her results.

Her highest words of praise? “Jenn, this stuff is so simple.”


What I share in my programs and on this blog isn’t rocket science. And it doesn’t have to be, because it gets results.

Simple, sustainable healthy living is what I’m all about. 

So if you’d like my solution to stress, fatigue, bloating, feeling lacklustre and unmotivated…

And you’re ready to learn how to boost your confidence and self worth, heal your relationship with food and fitness, and lose weight the healthy way…

And you’d also like to stop running the marathon for everyone else so that you can create a life that fills YOU with joy…

Then perhaps you’d like to learn more about Slim Down With Self Love Bootcamp. Click here to read all about the program and join the waitlist to be notified of our upcoming release. 

If you don’t have any of these problems to solve, you don’t need this program.

But if you do, I hope you’ll choose the simple solution and join the waitlist.  

With love,

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