When This Happens, That’ll Happen…

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When This Happens, That’ll Happen…

Well hello again! I’ve taken a little blogging hiatus this past month to reconnect with myself, my purpose, and set my goals for the year ahead. (Sometimes it’s necessary to unplug from the busyness to figure out if we’re really leading the life we want to live.) 

During this time of self-reflection, I realized that I’ve finally shifted a cranky old habit that had been holding me back. And in doing so, I’ve made more progress on my goals and felt more content with my body and life than ever before. 

I’ll Reach My Goals…When This Happens

For many years I believed that external circumstances had to change before I could reach my goals. It was a mindset of “when this happens, that will happen,” and it was a real thorn in my self-love side. 

Here Are Some Examples Of This Way Of Thinking

  • When I got a job at the new Pilates studio… I would be able to improve my fitness and flexibility
  • After I reorganized my kitchen… I would cook more at home
  • If only I could take a vacation…I would feel happier and more motivated to do my work
  • By relocating to a new city…I would naturally become more confident and easily make friends
  • When I reached my goal weight…I would love myself and respect my body

But changing my external circumstances rarely impacted how I felt inside, and it certainly wasn’t the magic bullet that would take me closer to my goals. 

Obviously, working at a new Pilates studio isn’t enough to make me fitter (that would take doing Pilates). And having a streamlined kitchen with the latest high-tech equipment won’t actually put a healthy meal on my table at night (that takes me shopping, chopping, cooking, and plating).

But for years I convinced myself that it would.

It’s easy to blame our inaction on circumstances outside of our control, but it’s also lazy. All it takes to upgrade your lifestyle habits is to (a) decide to do it, and then (b) just do it.

Taking imperfect action before you’re ready, and believing that you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to is the foundation of self-love and lifestyle contentment.

Stop waiting for all the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Stop making excuses as to WHY you can’t take action today. And then commit to making the changes that will ultimately change your life.

Spending more time doing and less time thinking has been a game-changer for me, and I think you’ll find the same!


With love,

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2 thoughts on “When This Happens, That’ll Happen…

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Just wanted to share this with you as im also one of these persons that always think things will be different when this or that changes…but to tell you the truth you have had such an impact on my self love with your challenges and emails that i have just found the courage to do what i love to do. Small steps and the change in myself believe has made me able to get back into touch with my core self and am now finding my true self coming threw. I studied to become an Aromatherapist and then went on to study Tai yoga massage As i had previously done a month in an Ashram in Austria learning sivananda yoga and got a yoga teachers certification at the end. This has always been my passion. Years passed and i did little bits and pieases and became pregnant towards the end of my tai yoga massage course which led me to not finish my exam…then 3months later i moved to Germany with my baby girl and my focuse changed…so that was 2007 and ten years later i am living back home in Iceland with 3kids and a husband that has been figthing acute leukima…i am finally coming back to ME putting myself first and really doing what i want to do…and no more excuses or BUTs …as im tired of not making excatly those choses that make the change…and all this has gradually been shifting since conecting with you…making me see clearly were i have been lacking in my self love and always pushing my needs aside…NOW things are changing…small steps and i am back at the massage table, and have set a goal to get back in touch with my tai yoga massage teacher to help me finish that exam and get the qulification i have so been longing for…because i have found my true nature and what i really love doing. So Big Thank You for being there, i admire your honesty and how you are able to show your true self to the rest of us and be so supportive and real. Lots of love and gratitude. Svanhildur

    1. Thank you for this beautiful comment Svanhildur, and well done for having the courage to step into being your beautiful self and following your personal goals. It’s been such a pleasure to follow along on your journey xox

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