The Life Changing Habit Of Loving You

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The Life Changing Habit Of Loving You

Some things in life have been well worth my time.

Like getting a degree, learning to drive a stick-shift, and color-coding my wardrobe.

Others have not.

I would gladly take back the time I spent on that five-day juice cleanse, and many conversations I’ve had about weather-or-traffic conditions.

But there is one thing that I have personally committed to that has been a game-changer. Nope, it’s not my marriage (although that was a pretty solid decision). It’s self love.

Tomorrow I will be nine months pregnant. I have been publicly weighed 23 times, added many inches to my waistline, forgone the kind of workouts that I once loved doing, and have had to get my head around the fact that I will soon be somebody’s mother.

Once upon a time, these challenges would have been tough to swallow. These days, with a self-love mindset, I get to see them all for the adventure that they are.

Four years ago, I conducted a mental 180º to turn myself from a body-bashing self-critic to a love-the-skin-I’m-in self love advocate. Without that transformation, I don’t know if I would make it through this time feeling as marvelous as I am.

But because I had previously moved my self-worth from my pant size to my heart size, and have been practicing self-compassion and gratitude on a daily basis, this journey has only brought joy for both me personally and our little family.

So, if you need a little self love motivation here are some posts that will get you started:

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You can join The Soulful Self Love Challenge for free

I hope that you too can fall back in love with the skin you’re in, and cherish your body and life for the gifts they are.

With love,

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