My Formula For Feeling Happy

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My Formula For Feeling Happy

The recipe for happiness is one part pleasure, one part purpose, and two parts lifestyle contentment. In today’s post, I want to break down these three ingredients and show you how they work together to create a meaningful life.


Happiness that is derived from pleasure and reward is known as hedonic happiness and includes things like:

  • Eating a delicious meal
  • Getting a promotion or raise
  • Having a holiday
  • Enjoying nice sex
  • Winning a prize
  • Being at a great concert, etc.

These sorts of experiences elevate your mood and make you feel an in-the-moment joy, which makes them an essential part of the happiness equation. However, we need to also acknowledge that pleasure is a fleeting emotion that can be lost as quickly as it was found. So while a little hedonism is good for the soul, we can’t rely on it as our primary source of happiness.


The second ingredient in a happy life is having a purpose. When I started practicing self-love and reconnecting with my purpose, my overall happiness levels skyrocketed even though nothing else in my life had changed. I’ve talked about personal purpose here,  and I believe that it is one of the most powerful tools in your happiness toolbox. 


Finally, happiness as I see it is 50% contentment. In recent years I’ve realized that it’s the littlest things that bring me the most profound lifestyle satisfaction. Talking to my husband, taking a walk, looking at photos of my family, having a good sleep, or seeing a hummingbird outside my window are all simple moments that leave me feeling deeply content. And it’s this contentment that I refer back to during times of stress or sadness; it helps me feel centered and grateful and reminds me that, despite whatever else, I AM happy.


Everyone deserves to feel happy in their life, but I also know that it can be hard to do. If you’re looking for some happiness inspiration, please read the following posts. These are the techniques and thoughts that have helped me along the way, and I hope they do the same for you. 

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