How to get stuff done in a meaningful way

How to get stuff done in a meaningful way

Let me tell you about my fantasy.

Let me tell you what I think about when I’m lying in bed at night.

(Don’t worry, this won’t make you blush!)

When I close my eyes, I imagine:

  • A clean kitchen table
  • Ironed clothes hanging in the dresser
  • Healthy meals prepped in the fridge
  • One tab open on my computer
  • A finished book on my bedside table, ready to be exchanged for an exciting new read
  • Blow-dried hair
  • Three uninterrupted hours to work on my business
  • A long Sunday afternoon spent drinking wine and watching cooking shows on Netflix with Nate

I am living a dream with a beautiful baby, a loving husband, a wonderful job, and a supportive family, but some days I crave more. Some days I’d like to be able to do it all and not have to choose between family and work, chores and relaxation, or personal time and social time.

But it’s never going to happen…

I will never do it all — at least not all at once — and neither will you.

Here’s how I know…

Since living in L.A., I have worked with some very powerful, very, very wealthy clients. These clients have entire teams of people seeing to their every need and yet they still struggle to balance work, family, personal time, and health. They’ve told me they worry about neglecting their kids when they work late, or that they’re missing out on a work opportunity to stay at home. They have personal trainers, private chefs, and experienced nutritionists who create customized wellness programs for them and they still struggle to follow through with the plan when life gets busy.

And you know what? Seeing this first hand lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Because if they can’t do it all with a dozen people at their beck and call, there’s no way I’ll be able to.

How liberating!

So while I may lie in bed and secretly think about hot stuff like pantry organization, I actually feel satisfied and successful in every area of my life. And today I’m here to help you feel the same.

I’d like to thank our beautiful reader, Alenka, for sending in the following question that sparked today’s discussion: 

How do you manage to successfully fulfill the expectations of being a mother, wife, cook, cleaner, romantic partner, lifestyle organizer, creative soul, and unique individual without burning out or feeling resentful?

This is a great question and one that we can all relate to. 

Which is why I’m going to teach you a simple strategy that will release the overwhelm and allow you to feel more productive and peaceful in your everyday life. 

In this short video training, you will learn:

  • Why you should NOT try to excel in every aspect of life every single day if you want to increase your pleasure and productivity
  • How to identify your key life priorities and focus on the activities that support those priorities
  • How to best schedule your to-dos to avoid overwhelm and live a meaningful life

This is the exact strategy that I use to keep myself sane amidst the chaos, and I know it’s going to help you too.

I encourage you to listen to this video from start-to-finish, perhaps when you’re cleaning the house, chopping up dinner, stretching, taking a bath, playing with the kids, etc., and then set aside a short bit of uninterrupted time to complete the exercises and take back charge of your life!

Then, once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you…

Hit reply to this email and let me know your key life priorities and one “AHA” moment that you took away from the video.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

With love,

Jennifer Dene

P.S. Do you have a question that I can answer? I would love to! Shoot me an email (jennifer@jenniferdenewellness.com) and let me know what’s on your mind and how I can help.

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