Exercise Hacks For Weight Loss

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Exercise Hacks For Weight Loss

Is it just me or has our culture become obsessed with speed? You only need read a magazine or browse the internet to be bombarded with “hacks” for getting more done in less time. Eating, working, exercising, socializing, bathing, relaxing, sleeping – the time-management wand has touched every area of our lives

Yet somehow, we still lack time.

It seems counterintuitive that we work harder and faster (and get more done in less time), just to have more time to be MORE productive

I don’t want to get more done. If anything I want to do less, but to do those things correctly.

Take it from this ex-perfectionist: efficiency has its limitations, and extreme productivity isn’t conducive to a content and healthy lifestyle.

And that includes your fitness routine.

Over the past five years the fitness world has exploded with exercise hacks. Trainers and novices alike boast how they can compress their 60-minute workout into 15 minutes (and still get the same results).


But what does that say about the state of our lives? That we don’t have time to give our body — our home and temple — 45 minutes of gentle, unhurried movement in a 24 hour day.

Why are we more concerned about wasting time than safeguarding our health? Why are we hacking our lives away?

Clients often ask me for the quick fixes and shortcuts. They want to know what exercises they need to do to lose weight fast. What trick will quickly get them back into those skinny jeans?

I think my answer disappoints them. The only “hack” is consistency.

Fitness needs to be simple, gentle and consistent to be effective. If you want to feel as good in your body in 10 years time as you do now, you may need to rethink your approach to exercise.

And that’s why my workouts here on the blog take a back-to-basics approach to fitness. And it’s why I’m never going to yell at you to move faster or push harder. But instead, I encourage you to slow down, connect with your body, and un-hack your workout routine.

Let me know how it goes!


With love,

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