Flat bottomed girls (you make the rockin’ world go round)

Flat bottomed girls (you make the rockin’ world go round)

This is a bit embarrassing, but I’ve been spending a strange amount of time looking at other women’s bums.

And the more I look, the more I see a rather sad sight.

Deflated derriéres…

Untoned tushies…

Concave cabooses.

I’m seeing this on women of all ages and of all body types, but especially women with kids.

It’s a mum-bum pandemic.

(And mine is currently part of the pack.)

I was surprised at how much muscle tone I lost in my lower body during pregnancy and I can appreciate how challenging it is to rebuild strength on a busy family schedule.

I can also see how easy it is for time to slip away as a parent.

So if you’ve spent the past five, ten, or even twenty years looking after your family it’s no wonder that you haven’t prioritized rear-end maintenance.

And it also explains why I’m seeing so many mums in their 40s and 50s wearing baggy-bottomed jeans.

I get it!

But we really need to address this issue and we need to address it today.

Having a good rump ain’t just aesthetics – although a little vanity never hurt anyone – it’s health.

Your bum is meant to spring into action to help you perform simple tasks dozens of times a day, such as:

  • Standing up from the couch
  • Picking up heavy grocery bags
  • Squatting down to pull a saucepan from a low cupboard
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Walking around your neighborhood
  • Carrying your kids and grandkids
  • And so much more

But if the correct muscles aren’t firing when they’re needed your body will compensate by recruiting other muscles, such as those in your lower back, or you’ll have to rely on your knees and ankles for the stability that your seat is meant to provide.

This is why a weak backside is a leading cause of back and joint pain.

But no fear! I’m here to help.

In this three-part “mum-bum” video series we’ll train together to rebuild and round out our backsides.

To do that, I’ve filmed three, 15 minute glute-focused workouts that you can do at home without any special equipment.

Sounds super manageable, don’t you think?!

In the videos I’ll also walk you through how to modify the exercises and how to advance them when you feel ready to do so.

Now let’s get started!

For this workout you need a pair of light weights, a cushion and a chair. If you don’t have weights you can grab two full water bottles or another weight-sized household object. 

Press play on the first video in this series here:

When you’re finished, please think of one other mum who would benefit from this workout and forward this post to her!

Then I’ll see you tomorrow for part two!

With love,

Jennifer Dene

P.S. Need a feel-good hip stretch after this workout? Try these: http://www.jenniferdenewellness.com/release-tight-hips/

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