Loving Your Body (Exactly As It Is)

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Loving Your Body (Exactly As It Is)

Do you love your body?

If you’re like 80% of women, the answer is unfortunately no.

I know that love hasn’t always been my first reaction. Satisfied? Sometimes. Critical? Often. But love? Well, that’s something I’ve been working on, and I want to help you do the same.

I’ve wasted years of my life tearing myself down when I should have been building myself up. 

Loving how you look – aka body positivity – doesn’t make you arrogant or self-centered. But it does give you quiet confidence and a healthy dose of self-respect (that we all deserve).

My decision to make peace with my body came from the realization that who I am right now, is who I am right now. Loving or hating that person doesn’t change who she is, but it does change how she feels. Because here’s the thing – self-criticism won’t help you live at your ideal weight, it won’t change how you feel about your weight, it won’t reverse aging, and it certainly won’t motivate you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Self love, on the other hand, will.

In today’s video, I’m sharing a simple daily exercise that you can do in under 2 minutes, that will help you develop body positivity so that you can feel more confident in yourself and your appearance. 

This is the second video in the series: 7 Ways To Love Your Body & Life This Week. 


Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you:

  • Did you find this exercise simple or uncomfortable?
  • What do you think has been holding you back from showering yourself with love every day?

Join in the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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Then, dive into the next video, where I’ll show you how to have more “Me Time” (yes!)


With love,

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