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hasten slowly

Hasten Slowly.

My dear friend, The countdown is on, and soon champagne will be flowing. But before you move forward, look back. As we sit on the rim of a new decade

Have The Courage To Experience Today.

Look in the mirror.  What do you see? A beautiful, caring, insightful individual?  Someone who knows herself?  A woman comfortable where she is, despite knowing where she wants to go? 

sabotaging self-soothing behavior

Spending Matters.

We’ve officially entered the season of holiday marketing. Your inbox is filling with “must-buys” and “great deals” and you may have started your Christmas shopping list.  It’s aggressive, bombarding and an

Why your new wellness routine actually starts with calming the chaos.

Here’s something you might not have considered: the first step to establishing a sustainable wellness routine is to calm the chaos.Before diving headfirst into a new workout schedule, weight loss

avoid weight gain when you take a break from exercise

How To Avoid Weight Gain When You Take a Break From Exercise

Today's reader question comes from Gail in Los Angeles. She writes: What do you do when you have to take a break from exercise and you’re worried that all of

I’m a writer and women’s wellness coach, and I’m here to help you transform your relationship with yourself, your health and your body.


At Jennifer Dene Wellness I offer up simple and sustainable healthy living advice, and teach you about the radical power of self love.


My practical, down-to-earth approach to healthy living has helped my clients — from Hollywood celebrities and CEOs to stay-at-home mums (and even myself) — reach their ideal weight, live their best lives and love the skin they’re in.

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